About Me

My Name is Anna Kay. I was born the youngest of 6 in Waco, Texas, June 21st 1996. Starting at an early age my mother. My mother always furnished me with pencils and sketch pads. I’d draw anything in sight: trees, horses, bugs, and my pets, which at any given time consisted of dogs, snakes, fish, crawdads, turtles, horses, cows, and birds.  It wasn’t until tenth grade that I was first introduced into zentangles by my art teacher, but at that time I was more into drawing portraits with pencil. Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were my favorite subjects.

  Then a darker time of my life came around. I stopped drawing all together. I had many unhealthy vises. About two years later, when I was twenty and living in Hot Springs Arkansas, I couldn’t sleep. So I picked up a pen and paper and started drawing my first zentangle. Finally! A healthy vise! I drew and drew and drew and have been drawing ever since.   Most of the unhealthy coping mechanisms continued unfortunately. Almost two years later, one month after my twenty first birthday, I landed in rehab. That was the best thing that could’ve happened to me. I can say quite certainly I would not be alive today had my loving family, especially my father, Robert, and sister-in-law, Chekota, not stepped in and helped me. Now I will have eighteen months sober on January 21st 2019!

Zentangles Inspiration

   Now at twenty-two I am loving my life and my time spent with family, friends, and drawing. My art has evolved into mainly drawing zentangles and zentangle portraits with sharpie pens. One of my sisters, Mary, can never remember the word zentangle so she calls them zendoodles. Hence the name of this site.

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